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Artist Bio

Sam Hopkins

Sam Hopkins

Sam Hopkins is a Western Australian artist and sculptor. Sam grew up on a vast property backing onto an endless nature reserve in the Perth Hills. This upbringing kindled his love for the natural world. It was the catalyst for an ever-growing fascination with material and form. Sam’s father worked overseas for most of his childhood which left him maintaining their large property from a young age, and so sparked the need to teach himself, use tools and problem solving.

Finding inspiration from human behaviour, nature, world travel and experimenting with materials & tools in new ways, Hopkins takes commonplace materials and teases out shapes and narratives, peeling back layers to reveal hidden meanings and perspectives. A process that requires both heavy machinery and careful handwork merges man and machine.

Working alongside and mentored by senior sculptor Johannes Pannekoek he has enabled Sam to develop his own style and on a grander scale. Hopkins has received multiple awards, including the WA Sculpture Scholarship at Sculpture By The Sea Cottesloe 2020 and has exhibited across Australia.

My inspiration at present explore the balance between human behaviour and nature, our impact and pushing the possibilities of material form. I continually pursue innovation and experimentation, breaking the traditional rules of making, seeking to create positive and negative compositions of space and a dichotomy of hard and soft, weightlessness and heft. I hope to evoke contemplation and dialogue on our impact on nature and ourselves’.

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