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Artist Bio

Rohin Kickett

Rohin Kickett

Rohin Kickett is a Nyoongar artist from the Balardong region and was born in 1986 in Northam, Western Australia. Rohin come’s from a family with many artists and was by his uncles to start creating art. His art practice revolves around paint and photography while exploring different methods of mark making.

The inspiration behind his work comes from experiencing and seeing first hand the effects that colonisation has had on his family and also explores his connection to country. The purpose is to help people better understand the issues Aboriginal people are facing, and help build stronger relationships.

In 2018 Rohin completed the Indigenous Tertiary Enabling Course at Curtin University through the Centre of Aboriginal Studies and then started a Bachelor Of fine Art degree which he left due to health reasons.

‘My art practice started in my teens and in 2016 I became a full-time artist, I found trying to navigate through the arts industry extremely confusing. After seeing all the issues that Nyoongar artists are facing, I was lucky enough to have received a Grant to attend the Future Forward Conference held in Canberra where I voiced my concerns.

Being a passionate advocate for fist nations artists I was nominated for the board of directors for the National Association of Visual Artists and was successfully voted into the position. Since then I have been consulting with the City of Armadale and the City of Melville on the topics of creating a cultural appropriate method for Aboriginal art projects. I also have the privilege of joining the Fremantle Biennale team as an artist and consultant which I am extremely excited about.

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